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Do you know about Japanese Style King Platform Bed?

Regardless of the size of your bedroom, Japanese style beds fit right in. More people are continuing to embrace these beds because of the contemporary design and minimalist style they come with. The beds add to the feng shui of your room, which is believed to help you get better sleep, rejuvenating you for the next day. Japanese couches look great on their own and need little addition (if it suits your style) to give your sleeping space a transformed, chilled look. With a wide price range to choose from and different intriguing features, here is a list of Japanese king platform beds to consider.

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Handcrafted, repurposed wood is used to make the bed frame. The manufacturers boast of going all-natural as they do not use veneers or MDF. The linen weave cover used on this bed is washable and interchangeable, allowing you to keep your hygiene standards high.

The legs of the bed are cork-padded to protect your floor from damage. It features a headboard with a minimalistic design that is padded to offer maximum comfort. The high-quality slats of this bed lock into place and firmly hold your mattress to avoid slipping.

Assembling the bed is quite easy, and the only tools needed are two hand-tightened screws. It provides a storage room under the foundation for your traveling suitcases and shoes. The craftsmanship of the bed is commendable because it does not squeak.

2) Matisse Fujian Modern bed

It features a headboard but does not have a footboard. It is crafted from solid hardwood, assuring you of a structure that will stand time.

It has two nightstands that are also made from solid wood as icing to this gorgeous bed. It has clean lines that add glam to your room. It is a low-profile bed that is affordable and of high quality. It has a dark rich tone of espresso.

If you opt to, you can buy a high-quality memory foam mattress at a discounted rate as you purchase your bed. During delivery, the bed comes packed in four boxes.

3) Blandy upholstered platform bed.

The bed is white and will give your room a minimalistic modern look. The foundation has to be assembled. The manual it comes with makes the job quite easy.

It has a wooden frame well-constructed to give you value for your money and time. As part of the package, the bed comes with two adjustable stands. There are twenty-eight slats that provide your mattress with firm support.

In case you're unhappy with the final product, there is a 30-day product return policy, and your complaint or issue will be professionally handled. See this article

Japanese Style Platform Bed and Their Benefits

4) Coalville upholstered platform

For a sleek look to your sleeping space, this is an excellent pick. It is made from solid wood, black oak in particular. It has eco-leather. It is walnut-colored, which is both easy to blend and attractive to the eye.

The headboard of this Japanese bed is upholstered, giving it a complete look. It is important to note that it is incompatible with an adjustable bed. The natural wood grain color on the frame is something you will love.

The bed comes with two matching nightstands that give you space for your reading glasses and books. You get a one-year product warranty on this bed.

5) Carter upholstered platform bed.

The bed is a low-profile bed that perfectly suits anyone with kids or you who simply like your bed near the ground. It features a headboard that is upholstered. The bed frame is made from wood and has a veneer finish. The gray leatherette is durable and easy to clean as you simply wipe it.

There are two nightstands that are meant to complement the bed and for practical use, such as placing your night lamps. It features a finished back for you who are keen on the details.

6) Alayah upholstered platform bed

A sturdy bed that is well constructed to serve you for several years to come. Both a headboard and a footboard are present in this model. The headboard has upholstery that is padded for your comfort as you rest against it. This bed was made for residential use.

Its clean white finish makes it a piece that will leave your friends envious. One can never go wrong with white, so you are assured that this will go well with whatever complements you decide. It has six wide slats that will serve as a firm rest foundation for the mattress you please.

It is wise that you use a mattress that is not more than nine inches. Depending on the space you have, you can order with or without the nightstands. It takes less than an hour to put this bed together, and the only extra tool you require is a screwdriver. To set your mind, at ease, the foundation has a warranty valid for thirty days.

7) Noblitt upholstered platform bed

A lot of thought was put into making this bed. Not only is it well constructed but also pocket-friendly. The flanking wings of this bed were designed to serve as nightstands, classy, ​​and functional. The panel headboard is exquisite. It is padded with foam.

The upholstery material is made from faux leather. The bed frame itself is crafted from solid wood, assuring you of durability. Thanks to the Noblit platform bed's slat system, place your mattress directly onto the frame and forget about a box spring. There is incompatibility with an adjustable bed.

Depending on your preference, you can purchase this bed in gray or white color.


Trying out new things can be scary, but why not give a Japanese-style platform bed frame king to try. With so many different designs to choose from, you are sure to get your dream bed. Different brands offer different prices, so shop around and get the best deals. Say goodbye to restless sleep as these beds offer you the best foundations to curl up reading and finally sleep like a baby.

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